My Approach

I adopt an Integrative and Relational Approach to therapy. 

The Integrative aspect of my approach means I draw from many theories to help shed light on an individual’s unique needs, with a focus on valuing respect and diversity at the heart of my work. During this process my role is to help clients identify disowned or unresolved aspects of the self and making them part of a cohesive personality whole. It reduces the use of defence mechanisms that inhibit spontaneity and allows flexibility in solving emotional problems. I like to see my role as helping clients explore inner resources, coping strategies and unmet potential for growth, whilst identifying and removing obstacles to personal development.   

The Relational aspect of my approach means I place emphasis on the relationship between client and counsellor as fundamental in supporting you when you are distressed. This is based on my belief that strong and fulfilling relationships with others can help people maintain emotional well-being. I aim to help clients recognise the role relationships play in the shaping of daily experiences, which in turn can provide increased understanding into your patterns of relating to self and others.

In doing so, I hope to support clients in finding new ways to take their life into a more fulfilled direction.