Individual Counselling

Whether we have been suffocating from the effects of long standing issues or facing a difficult life transition, we all at one time or another experience periods of difficulty and uncertainty that can result in detrimental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression. Unresolved emotional pain can negatively impact our relationships, cause low self-esteem and can lead to self-destructive behaviours.

Therefore, I see Individual Counselling as an opportunity for you to explore your feelings and take stock of life’s stressors. Deeper reflection can lead to increased knowledge and understanding, enabling clients to adopt healthier coping skills, identify unhealthy patterns of relating and improve effective communication and boundaries.

I believe that individual therapy should be a collaborative process, one that can provide a safe haven and needed space for the real you to come out of the shadows. I like to offer a down to earth approach, valuing genuineness and authenticity, within a non-judgmental space so clients can truly feel heard and valued.

Relationship Therapy (Couples Counselling)  

I have worked with many relationships over the years, whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, transgender, or whether you are questioning your identity as an individual and/or how you identify as a couple. It is important to note that relationship counselling for me is not exclusive to couples, but can include friendship counselling and other significant relationships.

How do you know it is for you?
Relationship difficulties can impact us all, some signs include; 

  • communication breakdown          
  • problems with intimacy and sex
  • low libido                                          
  • boredom
  • infidelity
  • mistrust
  • low mood
  • increased arguments with each other and/or with wider family members
  • sleeplessness
  • resentments

How does it work? 
I aim to create an atmosphere of trust and calmness to enable couples to communicate more effectively, and thus gain a deeper understanding about the underlying issues in order to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing and find an agreed way forward. 

It is my responsibility as your counsellor to create a climate of trust and I endeavour to give both partners equal time, attention and understanding. My perspective is that both parties interact to make the relationship how it is, so you can both contribute to making it better. 

The benefits can include:

  • Agreeing to therapy can bring an immediate sense of relief that finally something is being done and that it is proof that he/she cares enough to attend. 
  • Improved communication and wellbeing 
  • Greater understanding of their own and partner’s feelings  
  • Revitalising your emotional connection 
  • Improved sexual relationships
  • Reviewing and re-negotiating your commitments 
  • Increasing self-awareness of each other’s attempts to get closer
  • Reducing jealously 


Group Counselling, Group Therapy and Support Groups: 
From the early stages of my training and practice, I have always enjoyed specialising in developing and facilitating group therapies and support groups. Some of the groups I have delivered over the years include; 

  • Rainbow Recovery – a LGBTQ specific support group, supporting the coming out process, identity issues, self-acceptance and to support each other’s health and wellbeing.  
  • Women’s only support groups – providing a safe space for women to discuss sensitive issues such as, sexual abuse, rape, trauma, relationship problems, and domestic violence. 
  • Alcohol/Drug Addictions Groups – for over 12 years I coordinated and delivered a range of groups in an abstinent based day programme, designed to support relapse prevention.
  • Developmental Groups – exploring an individual’s life history, looking at how the past can be re-presenting itself in the present.
  • Bereavement Groups – Providing a safe space for people affected by the loss of a loved one to support each other and explore the emotional impact. 

Group work can provide an array of benefits, such as:

  • the realisation that you are not alone
  • a mutual environment of giving and receiving support
  • a safe space to help you find your voice
  • helps you relate to others and yourself in healthier ways
  • provides an opportunity for authentic connections to be made between members

NB: I am always open to developing groups if there is enough interest in a particular area. Please feel free to enquire if you are interested in accessing group support.