Group Counselling, Group Therapy and Support Groups: 
From the early stages of my training and practice, I have always enjoyed specialising in developing and facilitating group therapies and support groups. Some of the groups I have delivered over the years include; 

  • Rainbow Recovery – a LGBTQ specific support group, supporting the coming out process, identity issues, self-acceptance and simply providing a safe space for LGBTQ individuals to support each other’s health and wellbeing.  
  • Women’s only support groups – providing a safe space for women to discuss sensitive issues such as, sexual abuse, rape, trauma, relationship problems, domestic violence, identity issues and anything that impacts on a woman’s health and wellbeing. 
  • Alcohol/Drug Addictions Groups – for over 12 years I coordinated and delivered a range of groups in an abstinent based day programme, designed to support relapse prevention. CBT based groups on anger management, communication skills, boundaries and other life skills/health related groups. 
  • Developmental Groups – exploring an individual’s life history, the lasting impact of significant life events and how past childhood and young adulthood experiences have shaped current adult thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 
  • Bereavement Groups – Providing a safe space for people affected by the loss of a loved one and providing an opportunity to share the emotional impact. 

These experiences have enriched my overall awareness and understanding of my counselling practice with individuals, couples and families.  It has been immensely rewarding to witness the array of benefits group work have given clients, such as

  • the realisation that you are not alone
  • a mutual environment of giving and receiving support
  • a safe space to help you find your voice
  • helps you relate to others and yourself in healthier ways
  • provides an opportunity for authentic connections to be made between members

All of the above are ingredients that ultimately help to instil hope that change is possible and creates an atmosphere where you can feel less isolated, be more confident in practicing new skills in the group, which can then be transferred to outside the group. I have found group therapies especially valuable for individuals dealing with depression, social anxiety, and life transitions.  

I am always happy to set up new groups if there are enough people interested, please feel free to enquire about more details if you are interested. 

12 Week Personal Development Groups (still need to write up and not yet set up – so would add to website at a later date)